Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A colorful little bird

Have you ever heard of a Cuban Tody?  I hadn't up until last week.  I saw one in a magazine and at first I didn't think it was even a real bird.    It has these crazy hot pink spots on its wings that look as if someone took a spray paint can to it, besides the pink it also has red, light blue and lime green feathers.   Its head is kind of big for its body and it has a thin pointed bill.  I love it!

Here's my mini version (4" x 4"):

cuban tody

 I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday, I know we did! 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Around here

Trying to get into the holiday spirit here.  We went and got our Christmas tree last weekend and it was 50 degrees!   


Fischer was in charge of cutting it down this year.



I did my first holiday faire last weekend.  I did okay.  It's a pretty small fair and they like to have mood lighting in the rooms which might not benefit my work very well.  I find I have much more fun at this fair when I'm with the kids and we can go do crafts, listen to music and wonder around and socialize.  But it's always good to get some exposure for my work.


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