Thursday, September 9, 2010

where did summer go?

welcome friend
it seems i woke up the other morning and summer was gone.   it was no longer with us.  i wasn't ready to see it go yet.  how could it be gone already?  unbelievable to some, i felt like i didn't get quite enough hot and humid weather.  with the calendar change from august to september, came a season change along with it.   gone are the warm nights and warm mornings, the crickets are chirping less, the suns rays have softened and take all morning to warm up the day, and yes, the leaves are starting to change color.  i miss summer already, but i'm starting to feel the subtle shift inside as the seasons change. i know there will be some warm days yet to come, but fall is in the air.


Janet Ghio said...

Love this drawing! The squirrel with the acorn is so cute and the stockings that match the scarf. I for one got plenty of humidity this summer-I'm glad to see it gone!!

Diane said...

I agree with Janet--I normally would have agreed with you, but our summer was so hot and sticky--I'm ready for Fall, and your artwork just fits the bill--very sweet!)(love the little squirrel)

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