Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a new painting


wow, i actually finished a painting!  it feels like forever since i made anything.  life has been so full and busy lately that i haven't had time or energy to paint or draw.   i thought once school started maybe things would slow down, but no, it seems things have sped up instead!  there has been lots of canning, freezing and dehydrating going on at our house, but the end is in sight, yeah!   i have a little more applesauce to make, more pears and apples to dry, some  green tomato relish to can  and perhaps a few apple pies to make and freeze and then i think that should be it!  we had to buy a bigger freezer for all of our goodies.

amelia painted a little picture this afternoon as i was finishing mine, and of course she wanted me to take a picture of it, just like i do with mine.



Diane said...

I Love this!!! (both photos :)

Janet Ghio said...

Love the painting--the flowers are great and the photo of your little girl is just adorable!! You are going to be eating so good this winter!! YUM!

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