Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spreading Color

Starlings have never been a favorite on my list of birds.  I know they are a non native species and have really taken over in the US, so I usually pay very little attention to them that is until the other day when one happened to be walking about in our grass just as I was coming out our back door.  Instantly I was amazed by the speckles on this bird (winter plumage).  I've seen their speckles before but was never impressed, but for some reason they just jumped out at me, along with all the other subtle little colors in its feathers.


    As I watched this little guy I could just picture all of his speckles floating off into the world to add all sorts of color and cheer, just like in the painting I did below.  Doesn't he just give you a happy little feeling?

     share your color
                                                Mixed media painting using recycled tea bags, "Spreading Color"

    Now when I see a starling, I look at them in a totally fresh and new way, and I can't help but smile when I see these speckled little starlings.

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