Sunday, October 7, 2012


Fall is in full swing here in Wisconsin.  As much as I haven't wanted fall to be here, I can't help but to be inspired by all the beautiful colors around me, bright yellows, oranges and crimson.  It has been stop in your tracks amazing here.  For awhile already, the birds have been behaving differently.  Gathering in groups in the trees and chattering about.  Perhaps they are discussing their winter plans! 
The black birds will all fly out of the trees in large flocks across the fall sky while the sunlight dances through the autumn leaves.   Lovely indeed. 

autumns flight
                                                                      "Autumn's Flight"  available here

This is one of my favorite pieces that I've done in awhile.  I love the contrast of the black birds against the background.  With this piece I started by painting the background with a coffee wash, watercolor, large oak and maple leaves drawn with watercolor pencil and coffee.  The "dancing" leaves were cut from painted coffee filters and tea bags and the birds were also cut from painted coffee filters.   I'm very happy with the results. 

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