Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rain check please

Amelia's 5th birthday was yesterday and this is where she spent most of the day,

on the couch.

She woke up yesterday morning with the stomach flu.  It doesn't seem right that she was sick on her birthday, so I think she deserves a rain check.  

These are such sad birthday pictures.


There was a glimmer of  happiness when she opened her birthday presents, but it didn't last long.  She didn't  get to eat a cupcake on her birthday, and she was just too sick to even care.  


Luckily we gave her an early birthday present on Sunday, a new little kitten which she named Biscuit.
I think this is going to be one spoiled kitten.  Amelia and Fischer have been fighting over who gets to hold the kitten.    In the picture above, Fischer tucked her in for her nap in a doll carrier with a small blanket. 

Amelia loves bags.  So I made her a little bag that looks like a house, which opens and closes with a nice hidden zipper so she can carry all sorts of important things such as fairies, little dolls, letters, pictures and whatever else a 5 year old likes to carry around.



Although she's feeling better today, there still has been a lot of lying around and kitty snuggling.

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Janet Ghio said...

So sorry Amelia was sick on her birthday hope she is up and running around soon with that kitty!

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