Monday, January 28, 2013

A push start

I'm finally getting back into my studio.   I've been having a hard time finding even the smallest little urge to paint or draw.  All of the ups and downs of life this month have made it difficult to find any creativity or inspiration, so one afternoon I made myself sit down and just draw.  I spent a good hour  doodling in my journal to try and loosen up my tight brain.  My first attempt at a painting ended up getting partially cut up, but there might be hope for it yet.
This painting was my second attempt which thankfully came about pretty quick and easy which is something that I really needed. 

sunset flight
 "Sunset Flight"

As much as I love to paint, once in awhile it is so hard to get started.  Why is that?  All I really needed was a good little push, like a push start for my creativity.  


Debbie Clandening said...

These cranes are great.

Helen Naylor said...

Great image. Love the colours!


Love this...I also do bird silhouettes...your cranes are fabulous.

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