Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tea Time

I'm sitting down with a nice cup of hot tea as I write this, one of my favorite moments of my day.  How many times a day do you drink tea? Do you have a ritual or a daily rhythm of tea?  One of my favorite tea moments is when I have a hot cup of tea and I'm heading into my studio to sit down and work on my artwork.  Unfortunately this doesn't happen every day.  My morning tea is more of a welcoming the day tea, warming me up for the start of my day, while my afternoon tea is more about sitting down and having a moment of quiet time(usually in my studio) and my evening tea is a wind down tea from the days events after the kids are tucked into  bed. I used to have a cup of black tea in the morning, green tea in the afternoon and herbal in the evening, but now I only drink herbal tea.  I thought I would miss the caffeine, but I feel the same without it, so why drink it? 

With all this tea drinking it's a good thing that my favorite material to use in my paintings are tea bags. With this painting I wanted a more simple and clean look, so decided I just wanted to do the painting directly on the tea bags.  I had 2 large tea bags that I used for the background and left some nice frayed edges that don't go all the way to the sides of the painting.  I love the old look that the tea bags give to the painting with all its different tones and shades. 
for the love of tea

ps. I saw my first robin today!!!!

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lori (aka: marzi) said...

this is the sweetest painting ever! i love it!! <3 -lori

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