Friday, May 24, 2013

Have a "Hoppy" Weekend!

Have a "Hoppy"  weekend wherever it should take you!  
(Fischer called dibbs on this painting before it was even finished!) 


Janet Ghio said...

wonderful painting! he was smart to call dibbs!

Carolina Ellis said...

Hi Tammy - I just popped over from the MATS1 comment thread where you left a comment. Your telling us of your use of tea bags intrigued me and I just had to pop over. Glad I did! Your work is WONDERFUL. The varied textures and color compositions are so varied, so colorful, yet never garish. I think your work (I scrolled through 4 or 5 pages) is reading "surface pattern designer" all over the place. Keep working at this market, I think it is a good fit with the work you are doing. Good luck with Lilla's class.

mama bleu said...

You peaked my interest with your comment at MATS. This painting is so much fun!!

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