Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Editorial Scares Me!

Last week I was drawing lots and lots of faces and people in preparation for this weeks assignment for Make Art That Sells  Assignment Bootcamp.  I had a feeling that the assignment would be in an area that I don't feel very comfortable with  and I was right.  Editorial!  Yikes!  I don't have any experience with this type of illustration, but Lilla gave very good step by step instructions on how to approach it, which really helped take some of the stress away.

The article which you can read here if your interested, is called "How to Meditate:  A Primer for People Who Don't Like to Meditate".  My initial thought when I heard it was about meditation, was to have total peace and calm in the picture while she was meditating, but then I read the article.  The author knows meditation is good for her but she doesn't like to do it.   Her mind fills with distractions and excuses as to why she doesn't want to do it.   This really put a twist on my original idea.

When I did the Make Art That Sells class, I really froze up in the editorial week.  This time though, I knew I could do it and I really believed that I could do it.  There were a few moments when my mind wanted to try and convince me that I couldn't, but I quickly squashed those thoughts.

In the article she says "Meditation Scares Me", and so that was what I based my piece on.

Meditation Scares Me

It's kind of funny, Fischer had been watching this piece as it progressed, giving comments here and there.  I waited until he came home from school today to see what he thought about the final piece and he said he liked it except that it looked like she was floating on a magic carpet and that I should put a line in the back to show where the floor was and he was totally right.  I had forgotten to add the floor.  I had totally missed the obvious!

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