Saturday, May 29, 2010

can't wait!

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i'm so excited, kelly rae robert's e-course  starts tomorrow!  i signed up for this class as soon as i heard about it.  the timing of it is perfect.  i've been trying to figure where to go and what to do with my art, and along came this e-course.   i quit my nursing job back at the end of october to stay home with the kids and grow and store a lot of our own food.  i really disliked my job and felt my heart being pulled back toward my ultimate passion, which is to create.  i originally went to art school, this lasted a year and a half, but then changed to nursing.  i was young and impressionable and listened to what others thought i should do instead of doing what i wanted.  i do enjoy being a nurse, it has been a wonderful career choice as far as stability and money, but it's not what i love.   i'm hoping to  make a little bit of money from my art, but i just don't know how to start..  i'm  looking forward to all the tips and inspiration that i know kelly rae will have to offer and to see where my creative journey will take me!


Janet Ghio said...

I hope you enjoy the course and learn a lot!! You are so talented. I think you should write and illustrate children's story books!!!

Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

Glad you decided to follow your heart! I love your work Tammy! See you in class. :)

Moira said...

Hello Tammy! I am also a nurse and love to be creative. I wish you every success in making money from your art! It is already 30th here in England but the class has not started yet!

Jen said...

Me too! :)

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