Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a boy and his dragon

a boy and his dragon

i finished this painting last evening.   fischer was definitely the inspiration for this piece.  he loves dragons, dinosaurs, swords, gold, treasures, shields, and magic.  one evening a few weeks ago just as i crawled into bed and closed my eyes, this little image came to mind.  do you ever have that?  i love it.  it's when my body finally comes to rest and just as i  close my eyes, little visions and images flash before them.  i wish these little images were always creative ideas, but they're not.  sometimes this is when i realize i forgot to do something that day or it triggers stress and worries about the kids or bills or if i played hockey that night, i replay it over and over in my head.  lucky for me though, i usually fall asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow.

i made this painting for fischer and wouldn't you know it, the little art critic doesn't really like it.  at first he didn't like the dragon because he was smiling, he thought it should be mean looking.  after reading Puff the Magic Dragon to him, he realized yes, dragons can be friendly.  so now he says he doesn't like the boys nose or mouth, and he doesn't like the striped horns, he thinks they should be black.  i was surprised at how specific he was about it all.  i thought he'd be happy i actually painted a boy instead of girl for a change.  oh well, i'm happy with it.


Janet Ghio said...

Tammy-what a wonderful little painting!! You should be illustrating children's books!

marcysk8s said...


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