Tuesday, November 16, 2010

can it be?

woodland fairy

Oh my, can it really be 3 weeks since my last post?   according to my blog, my last post  was on  October 20th.  wow,  i guess i decided to take a little break from blogging.  actually it became a break from the computer all together, except for the occasional e-mail check.   i love reading all the blogs out there and seeing all the amazing work that people do, but sometimes for me it becomes too much.    too much information, too much inspiration, too many choices, so many talented people.  sometimes this inspires me, but it can also backfire and make me feel overwhelmed, over stimulated and my own ideas don't want to flow.

tattered wings

right around my last blog post i started reading the book "Simplicity Parenting:  Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids"  by Kim John Payne.   this book inspired me to simplify the kids play room, when you walked through you just felt stressed by all the "stuff" that was in there.  if i felt stressed by it all, i figured the kids did too.  i got rid of at least 2/3 of the toys and  oh my goodness, it feels so much better when you walk through.   my husband immediately noticed and said how good it felt, fischer  even said "thank you".  surprisingly, he hasn't even asked for any of the toys i got rid of. the play room is easier to clean and they play with the things they have always played with which are sticks, rocks, rope, blankets.  remember the old concept, less is more?  by having less toys, the kids will play deeper and use their own imaginations instead depending on so much stuff to do it for them.


which brings me to why i haven't blogged in awhile.  i hadn't  been feeling very inspired and was having a  hard time getting my thoughts together.   i hadn't made a conscious decision to stop blogging these last few weeks or reading blogs, but it just came about, i think the book influenced this.  i really don't spend a lot of time online, but i realized  i  needed some time to get my head around my own art, my own ideas, without being constantly influenced or stimulated by others ideas.      with less things to distract me, influence me, or overwhelm me, i feel that i can concentrate more on my own art and let my own style come out, which i'm still trying to figure out.  i'm still going to read blogs, but i'm going to really limit the amount of time i spend and also the blogs i read.  i can't say that my creativity is overflowing at this moment, but i feel like i'm in a better space and it will only continue to improve.
this past week i've been busy getting some of my paintings ready to sell at a local store.  it's the store i mentioned in my last post,  Tulips.  i do most of my paintings on recycled wood.  i usually paint the edges, but my husband was very kind and put a frame on a few of them and it really added a nice touch to them and gives them a nice finished look. it's amazing how long it takes just to prepare everything, but tomorrow i'm planning on taking 10 of my paintings there.  wish me luck. 


Diane said...

This is such great advice for children and adults--when there's so much going on, it becomes almost confusing. I like this concept of simplifying and exploring yourself instead of the internet--great post!

Phoenix Peacock said...

if this is all new art work then your break certainly proved productive!

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