Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a butterfly for christmas

butterfly path

i started this painting back in august or september.  i can't even remember what the original painting started as or what i was trying to do, i remember not liking where it was going so i  just kept adding more paint and eventually i got so frustrated with it that it went into a corner for a few months.   occasionally it would catch my eye but i would quickly look away with a little "hmmmph".  about a month ago  it caught my eye again and this time i felt the urge to add a few quick touches  to it, but then it when right back to its corner.   i did this several times over the past month and now i reached a point where i can say that it is finished, and i think i actually like the end results.
this painting is going to a friend of mine for her Christmas present.  she had come over and seen it hiding in its little corner awhile back and said she really liked it and my immediate response was " you can have it".  i think i told her it would be her Christmas present, if not, she knows now!


Diane said...

OMG--this is awesome!!--you did good. I'm glad that you let it grow!

Phoenix Peacock said...

this is gorgeous. I love the layers and all the color.

Denise said...

Hey there! I was so excited to see your paintings at Tulips yesterday! WOW. I first saw your work on your blog many months ago and love love love what you do. So bummed that Sheila snatched up that sweet forest fairy before I got there! Just wanted to say thanks for putting your work out there. Can't wait to discover which piece will be coming home with us down the road! Blessings,

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