Tuesday, December 14, 2010

running behind

hopefully i can get my Christmas cards out in the mail tomorrow, i decided to go with the reindeer painting for the print.  i'm not totally happy with how they look, but since time is short, this is what i'm sending out.  it's not unusual for me to be running behind on getting my cards out,  at least  everyone always seems to get their card before the holidays, even the year my husband tried to send them with out stamps on them!    i wish i could use the excuse that i'm always behind because they are handmade, but i'm just a procrastinator and time moves much to fast for me these days.
every Christmas since Amelia was born, the holiday photo has been in front of the Christmas tree. i wanted to try something else this year, but guess what, i ran out of time, so here they are in front of the tree.  maybe it will become the traditional holiday photo spot as they grow through the years.

christmas photo


Janet Ghio said...

Your Christmas cards are really wonderful. I love your reindeer and the photo of your children adorable.

Phoenix Peacock said...

ooo what rosy little cheeks your baby girl has! And I LOVE your print. and I think mail is mail - it is great no matter when it arrives. I have a few friends that do New Years letters because it is just too busy to get cards out before the holidays.

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