Monday, February 28, 2011

IF: Swarm


I have a little "swarm" of butterflies this week for Illustration Friday.  There are all sorts of layers to this one.  I started with a pink checkered background I painted with watercolors, then added flowers drawn with india ink, next came all sorts of scrap papers and acrylic paint, followed by stitching to the butterflies at the end, all done on watercolor paper.  I had a blast creating this piece and found it hard to pull myself from it this past weekend and do more important things such as cooking meals for my family! 


Mindful Drawing said...

Very nice and I wish I had a notebook with this illustration: I could only write happy thoughts in it.

k.h.whitaker said...

oh I like this :)

Patti said...

There is a childlike freedom to this. Nice.

Linda Hensley said...


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