Sunday, February 27, 2011

the neighbor ladies


I loove chickens.  It's been my dream for years to have my own chickens.   We live in town right now and we could have chickens, but my husband wants to wait until we move to the country,   We are lucky enough though to have  neighbors that have chickens and I can visit them, talk with them and listen to their little clucking.  This weekend we had the pleasure of going to collect the eggs  while they were out of town. 


Aren't they just beautiful?  I think they have  5 different varieties. They have 10 chickens all together and have started laying eggs now that the days are getting longer. 


These little ladies are friendly too.  They happily clucked as they saw us coming.  Some of them would let Fischer pick them up and most of them would let us touch them.


Yesterday we got 7 eggs and today 6.    I fried up a couple this morning and they were soo yummy.  We normally buy local organic eggs, but for some reason these seemed to taste so much better.  Maybe it was because we collected them ourselves! 


Janet Ghio said...

The black and white ones are so pretty! And nothing is better than "real" eggs!!

Phoenix Peacock said...

oooo I love the spotted black and white ones! and fresh eggs how divine!

marcysk8s said...

So nice to have fresh eggs and more pets!

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