Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Here's my first ever commissioned piece!  It's being hung up and circulated around the area for the event "Cultivate."    I did it for the Valley Stewardship Network who's mission is  "to promote stewardship and inspire cooperative efforts to improve the sustainability of the communities and ecosystems in the Kickapoo Watershed region."  Organic Valley, who's headquarters is about 20 minutes from Viroqua, is hosting this event and all proceeds from the dinner will go to VSN.   Unfortunately I'm not attending, $60 a person is not in our budget, even if the proceeds go for a good cause, but hopefully others are going.  Dr. Fred Kirschenmann is the special guest and he will be talking about building a sustainable food system.  Rooted Spoon Culinary is featuring a 5-course meal with local, seasonal and organic food.  What a great way to spend a summer evening in the Kickapoo region!


Janet Ghio said...

Congratulations Tammy. The postcard looks wonderful.

Sherrie said...

That is a lovely poster/invite! Congratulations!

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