Monday, July 25, 2011

Garden fairy

garden fairy flickr

I've been trying to finish up some paintings that I've had lying around the house for awhile.  A few are in the basement, a few in the attic and more in the kitchen.  They are mostly paintings that I started and lost interest in.  This one I started back in March or April, I knew what I wanted to do with her, but was not inspired at all by the piece, so  to the basement it went after it sat in my kitchen (aka my studio) for awhile.    A few weeks ago I saw her lying there in the basement and I pulled her up out of there, but then she sat in my kitchen again as I tried to muster up some motivation to finish it.  Well, I finished her  and I'm really liking her. 
I  painted used coffee filters for her hair, I dug up some lace that I got at a yard sale for her dress and used some of my vintage metal for her wings. 
I think she might be one of my favorites that I've done in this style.   The plan is to take her tomorrow to a local store here in town to sell her.   My little Amelia wanted her hung up in her room, which I'm very tempted to do, we will see. 

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Janet Ghio said...

I love her hair bows and orange dress!

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