Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I'm sure I've told you before that one of my favorite flowers are zinnias.  Their colors are so vibrant and bold and come in so many different colors.   I forgot to plant zinnias in my garden this year and have been seeing them blooming all over town.  I started this collage back in March or April and was distracted by something else and hadn't felt like finishing it.   I guess seeing all the zinnias around motivated me to finish it.    For some crazy reason,  I had decided to cut each petal out of painted tea bags.  I really wanted the look and feel that the tea bags give.  I was going to put a butterfly in this collage, but the zinnias really took center stage and  started to have an  almost pattern like feel to it  and having a single butterfly just didn't seem to work.

So here is my zinnia garden!

zinnias flickr

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Janet Ghio said...

My all time favorite flower--love the gorgeous colors! Cutting all those petals--that takes patience! Love your zinnias and the interview on the other blog was really nice.

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