Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sick Day(s)

Our family has been whallopped this week with some nasty cold bug.  My husband went down Sunday evening, I went down on Monday,  Fischer started today, and time will tell if Amelia will get it too, she's starting with the cough, so my guess is the fever, headache and body aches will start tomorrow.  My husband is feeling better today, so I hope I will follow soon.


Nothing soothes a sick body quite like homemade chicken noodle soup, thank you Grandma Joanne!


Fischer had some quiet time on the couch with a nice cool washcloth on his forehead,


while Amelia made a huge mess in their playroom!


How could such a sweet little face make such a big mess?

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Rebecca said...

Hi Tammy, So sorry to hear you are all under the weather. I too have had the luck of the draw myself but hoping it is a 24 hour bug since that seems to be the cycle and I am feeling a bit better today. That Chicken soup really looks good right about now :)
On a bright note, my order arrived today and I am totally in L♥ve with it ~ It is even more beautiful in person!
It has so many personal little meanings in the print ~ it's the perfect gift for my daughter who will be going away to college late in Summer.
Thank you, Thank you.
Wishing you all well ~ Rebecca

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