Tuesday, May 15, 2012


For some reason I had a strong urge to use A Lot of  pink.  I'm not sure why, but maybe it had something to do with all the pink tutu's from the dance recital,  or maybe  all the beautiful spring flowers in bloom, or perhaps Amelia's love of all things pink is starting to rub off on me.  Hmmm??   For what ever reason, this painting is the result.  I had no plan except I knew I wanted to use pink and I wanted circles in it.  This painting has a lot of both!  I hadn't used my recycled coffee filters in awhile, so they made it in the painting, along with my favorite material which of course are the tea bags.  I also used one of my least favorite art supplies quite a bit, Prismacolors.  I wish I liked using them, but I'm never happy with the results, maybe I just need to learn how to use them.  

Today I found out I was accepted into my first ever art fair!  The Driftless Area Art Festival in September.  I've been wanting to do a few art fairs but have never had enough nerve to apply.   The thought of talking to people about myself and my art for a whole weekend terrifies me, but I figured it was about time to face that fear and go for it.  I had nervous butterflies just applying for it, I can't imagine how I will feel come September.  Tomorrow I'm going to write my to do list and get started so I'm not totally scrambling and freaking out come September.  I'm always sad when summer is winding down, so this will give me something to look forward too.

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