Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Left overs

This is my left over idea for a theme from Mixed Media Monday from the beginning of December that I never was able to get around to. I've had this idea bouncing around in my head since then and really needed to get it out. The theme was bedtime stories. Our bedtime stories around our house right now usually consist of dragons, dinosaurs, and pirates. I did this painting for my 5 year old to hang in his room. He loves it, except he can't see the pirates and there really should be a volcano.
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Lynn Stevens said...

How sweet. I'm sure youe son Loves it and is proud to have some of his mommy art!

Sandy said...

Wow this is fantastic.
Really gorgeous.

Hermine said...

Looks really great!

Michelle said...

Fantastic drawing / collage. Left over thoughts count as well!

Diane said...

What a clever concept to use a "leftover idea"! I love the painting, and had a grin about the pirate and volcano! Diane

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