Friday, March 5, 2010

backyard birdhouse


my neighbors have a really awesome old birdhouse in their backyard that looks like this.  it's like 5 birdhouses in one. i see it everyday out our bathroom window, i love it.  i don't think birds use it anymore, it's in pretty rough shape.  if i had any woodworking skills, i'd make one for our yard, since i'm lacking in that area, i painted one instead.  just in the last week or so there has been so much happy bird chatter outside, i just love it.  i can't help but think of spring and all the birds returning north from their winter journey.  i have yet to see my first robin though.


Diane said...

What a great Spring painting!! We have a few weeks yet to see some warm weather, but we've had sun for the last couple of days :D

Janet Ghio said...

I really like all of your drawings! Yesterday, I heard birds chirping outside for the first time. What a wonderful sound!! Spring is coming!!

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