Wednesday, July 7, 2010

oh creativity where have you gone?

i think my creativity has flown out the window! (or perhaps gone down the gutter with all the rain we've been having.)  things were going well before yesterday, i had so many ideas i had to write them all down. it all started  yesterday with a painting that i just couldn't get to work, so i moved on to another which i finished today that i definitely don't like, which then i started working on a third and it's just not happening for me right now.  even my photos i took didn't turn out. (this lily is from last week when things were flowing)
is it the moon?  hormones?  all this rain?  i keep trying to force it by trying to come up with ideas, but this is really only making me more frustrated.  i went back to my idea list but now they all feel so dull  compared to a few days ago when they were filled with so many possibilities.  this isn't anything new for me, my creativity goes in phases.  to make it worse,  i really feel like painting and drawing,  but my brain feels as if it doesn't know what being creative means.  arghh!   my mother-in-law likes to say, "it is what it is."  i guess this means i just have to accept it and wait it out, it too will pass.


Rita A. said...

I usually try something fun and easy. Go someplace with your sketchbook or just browse through the internet and sketch pictures you see. A little bit of play and the Muse wants to join in.

Janet Ghio said...

Sometimes you just need a break. You need to refuel again--just soak art and beauty and creative ideas in, and wait. Your muse just needs a little rest, then she'll come back better than ever!!

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