Thursday, July 22, 2010

sounds of summer


do you have any favorite summer sounds?

for me, i think my all time favorite summer sound is  the chirp of crickets!  i absolutely love falling asleep to the chirping sounds of crickets.  they have just started to chirp a little bit here, but in the next week or two it will be a full chorus of crickets!  pure bliss!   up until the last week or so, we've been able to listen to tree frogs at night, which i also love to listen to, but now it's time to hear the crickets.  their chirps will go into early fall when we start to get our first frosts.

right behind listening to crickets, is the sound of thunder.  i love to hear thunder.  when we lived out in Idaho, we didn't get the big thunderstorms like we do in Wisconsin and boy did i miss all of that rumbling.  this summer we've definitely had way too much rain, but this means  we've also had a lot of thunder.  my favorite are the nights when mild thunderstorms just roll through all night long along, rumble, rumble!

bird songs are always a favorite, there is always some sort of chattering going on.  whether its the robins singing a wonderful rain song when rain is on the way or the  squawking blue jays and crows outside our bedroom window in the morning.

how about sounds that may not be very pleasant to the ears,  but they still remind you of summer and because of this,  the sound holds a special meaning?  one such sound is lawn mowers.  it's definitely not my favorite noise, some days it's almost a constant noise here in town, but when i hear it,  i think of summer, and then that makes me think of summers as a kid, laying in the grass at my parents house, and those long gone carefree days of no worries.

in the last week or so, the cicadas have started their summer buzzing sounds.  it's amazing how loud they are!  it's not a very pretty noise, but to me it is one of the sounds of summer here in Wisconsin.  i love it!


Janet Ghio said...

I love the sound of tree frogs and I have to say that the cicadas just remind me so much of summers when I was a kid-hearing them just says summer to me--they can be really loud though. And lately I have been hearing the screech owls in the woods behind our condo--they make some strange noises!! I love your new painting!

Emakesart said...

I love the crickets! They look so cute and happy on their beautiful new canvas home!

Kerri said...

the buzz of cicadas!

johanna said...

your piece is wonderful! love the colors and the design!

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