Thursday, July 15, 2010


here's a painting i did yesterday.   i had no plan, which is unusual for me, i just started to paint, and this is what happened.  i had fun doing it, but i'm not sure if i like it or not, i'm on the fence with this one.  it might be the colors or maybe because it wasn't planned.  i saw this blank board and for some reason i just felt like painting  the background teal,  teal is one of my least favorite colors and then i added dark purple,  another color that i don't use very often, but then i added some of my favorites to use.   maybe i did this  to help  balance it all out?     even if i'm not sure about the painting, i do like the little lace wings on the hummingbirds!


Diane said...

I like it, Tammy--it looks like fabric. It's fun to experiment--that's how you find new discoveries that you would never have known about.

Jen said...

I really LOVE this painting. It's just charming and I really like the lime green with the purple. It's great that you chose to work with colors that you felt a little uncomfortable with. I think it stretches us to do so. :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

oh I love it!. I just found you through the blog hop and I am so giddy with exploration... but really, please, if you don't like it now, don't get rid of it. put it away for a while and then re examine it later, because it truly is fabulous.

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