Wednesday, January 5, 2011

don't go fishing today!

how's your New Year starting out?  ours is starting out a bit rough, lots of coughing, runny noses and even a bit of throwing up yesterday for Fischer, but it still feels good to have a fresh new year ahead of us.

i had to share this calendar that we got from my mom,  she got it for free at her local hardware store and my husband and i ooohed and aaahed over it so much that she really had to give it to us.  it's one of those old fashioned calendars that i remember hanging at my grandparents house.  it doesn't have beautiful artwork gracing every month, but it is loaded with so much useful information.  did you know that yesterday was the new moon? or that today is not a good day to go fishing, or that the moon is in the sign of the goat and your knees will be more sensitive today?  our old calendar didn't even tell us when the full moon was!  this one tells us when the moon and sun rises and sets and the day length.  we gain over 40 minutes of day light this month!  yeah!  my dad said he remembers his grandma planting and harvesting during certain phases or signs of the moon.  this year i'm going to try to garden more with the signs of the moon and zodiac and see what happens.  my carrots never came up last year maybe it was because i planted them under a wet sign such as Pisces.  did you know that if you pick apples and pears in the old of the moon the bruised spots will dry up and if they were picked in the new moon, the spots  will rot?  i just love this calendar!  some day when i have my own studio, i'll have a beautiful calendar filled with inspirational artwork, but for now this is the calendar that is getting my attention.  i'll have to keep you informed through the year to see how it all works, but i think it has a lot of information that has been lost over the last few generations.

in progress

this is a collage/painting that i did a few weeks ago, but haven't finished.    the little tents were meant for a background, but i loved how they looked and couldn't imagine covering most of it up, but now i'm not sure what to do with it.   maybe little dragons peaking around the corners, or little princess girls with pointy hats with ribbons, i'm not sure, i feel stuck with this one and can't come up with anything that inspires me.

while writing this blog post, miss amelia was busy painting and sipping on her tea.  it's so much fun watching her do things that i also enjoy.
Picnik collage

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