Friday, January 7, 2011

a little trio


last night i painted these little birdie sympathy cards for my uncle and cousins who lost a wife and a mother this past week to Alzheimer's.  my Aunt Helen was only 64 when she passed away.   my Uncle Butch stayed by her side the entire time and kept her at home  from the beginning of the disease to the end, may we all be so fortunate to have such support and love.


  i have a hard time buying cards, but i also have a hard time being inspired to make cards, but i do like these little guys.  i'm not very good at watercolors, but i keep trying.  i tried to paint in Geninne Zlatkis' style, but mine didn't seem to "pop" like hers do, (her artwork is so color popping beautiful!) so i also added the black outline, which i think helped.


unfortunately my uncle and cousins live in Kentucky and i'm not able to go to the funeral this weekend, so hopefully lots of strength and love was sent their way while i painted these and when they open them.



Janet Ghio said...

I like your birds. I like Gennie's alot also--it may just be a matter of the type of watercolor paint she uses.

Phoenix Peacock said...

These are sweet. I really love the blue bird

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