Tuesday, January 11, 2011

two tulips

two tulips

i haven't' done any of these little girls in this style for awhile.   when i was getting all my artwork together for my art show, i saw all the little girls i had done previously and was inspired to do some more.      this one was really fun, it came together really well.  with these collages, i have a drawing first and then i trace all the different parts and pieces (head, hair, hand, dress pieces, etc.) on painted tissue or tracing paper and cut them out.  the only thing in the drawing that is not pieces is her eyes, nose and mouth, otherwise everything is cut out.   i then glue them down onto paper and hope that everything fits in its proper place.  i can usually do about 3  paintings in this style and then i start to get really tired of precise cutting and pasting  and i start to feel a strong  need to do some paintings that are more loose and free. 


Janet Ghio said...

She's adorable! I love your little girl collages!!

Diane said...

I love them too!! And so fitting for Spring--just around the corner--right??? :)

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