Monday, April 18, 2011



Not very spring like pictures are they?  We woke up Saturday with snow on the ground.  Fischer said "it looks like we skipped summer and went to fall".  It never even warmed up enough on Saturday to melt all the snow.  Over the weekend Amelia kept saying "I want the snow to go away".  Even though none of us were too happy to see all that white stuff, the kids still seemed to enjoy themselves with snowman making.  They made 2 for our yard and then we went to their cousins house and there they made a whole snowman family.


It seems when I start to get stressed out, posting on my blog seems to be the first thing that goes.   I guess it's not on the top of my priority list.  I wish I could change that and become more regular with my posting.  This past week I was working on my first possible commission for a local event.  I had to turn in my sketches this past Friday and will find out whether I got it or not.   Needless to say, this past week I felt like I was on the edge of freaking out with the stress of it all.  I'm used to just doing my own thing and painting or drawing when I feel like, and not having certain requirements for my work.  It reminded me of art school and the whole brainstorming process, but much more stressful.  I'm not sure if I'm cut out for this type of work.  I found it hard  to be creative with a really short deadline, house hold duties, a kitchen studio and  3 year old talking in my ear almost non stop.  If I do something like this again, I'll have to figure out how to handle the stress better for me and my family.


Here's a piece that I started last weekend.  No requirements, no deadline, I'm doing it just because I want to.  I think I like it that way best. 


These pictures of Amelia were taken the previous weekend where temperatures reached 81!  What a difference from one weekend to the next.  

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Janet Ghio said...

Tammy--out of the mouths of babes!! Don't we all wish this weather would just go away!! When I was doing art "for a living" (well I could never have lived on it--but I had a good run-anyway) I hated doing commissions--I was making one of a kind art quilts and so if someone wanted a commission, we would agree on the main elements, but I would have artistic license to add or change as i wanted to. Good luck with your commission!!

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