Sunday, May 29, 2011

Down a stream

This past week we had our last day of our Parent-Child class for Amelia at our Waldorf school.  It's been once a week since last fall and Amelia has loved it.  She calls it "my little school."   The  teacher, Miss Julie has a spring fed creek on her land and thought it would be fun to have the class at her house and build little duck boats that we could float down her creek.


Fortunately the weather cooperated, the previous day had been nothing but rain.  The temperature was a little chilly, but the sun was shining!  Amelia was so proud of her little duck and all the kids were so excited to watch their boats go down the stream.


Miss Julie had a cute little bridge where the kids could do their send off and watch them float away.


What a wonderful idea it was.  The kids loved it, they kept doing it over and over.  Miss Julie had set up a screen further down the stream to stop the ducks from going any further.  The setting was beautiful with the sound of the rushing water and lush greens everywhere.  Look at all that watercress along the sides of the stream.  We took a nice handful home to liven up some salads and maybe make a stirfry.

This last picture is my favorite.  It captures the awe and wonder of being a child.  Amelia was swinging when a big ol' crow flew by and it really caught her attention!  Too sweet.   It was a very special way to end our year together.


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Janet Ghio said...

What wonderful photos--looks like it was such a fun day!!

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