Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A refreshing inspiration

Oh my gosh is it HOT here!  Today we are supposed to top out at 100 degrees.  Not your normal June temperatures.  We skipped spring here and went straight to the summer heat.  My poor garden is just shriveling up.  I've been drinking lots of iced tea and iced water with lemon and mint, but I'm starting to feel like I just need to go spray my self down with the garden hose!


The other day when the temperatures were more normal, like 80 degrees, I went to lay Amelia down for her nap.  While lying there with her, I was in that in between state that comes between sleep and being  awake,  and I had an image of doing a painting of a refreshing summer drink with some lemon and mint in it.  As soon as I got up from laying Amelia down, I went to the computer and looked at some blogs quick and saw on Design * Sponge, here, the exact image that was in my mind, even the same glass that we have.  I took it as a sign that I should do this painting.
So I picked some mint from my garden and happened to have a lemon and made a nice iced water with mint and lemon.  I then sipped my inspiration and got started right away on my painting.  Here's the results:

summer cooler

I hope everyone who is experiencing this heat wave is finding ways to keep cool.

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