Monday, August 1, 2011

Little wings


Don't these little maple tree seeds look like little wings?  We found them all over the sidewalk in front of our neighbors house.  Amelia and I couldn't resist from picking them up.  Amelia gathered quite a few and put them in her basket on her bicycle and I brought a few home too.  We have quite a few of our own maple trees in our yard, but our whirly birds/helicopters/seeds are single and  they also fell down way back in June.  (when they fall, they love to clog up our gutters!)  Our neighbors maple tree must be a different variety than ours. 

little wings

This little painting was inspired by these sweet little maple tree seeds.  I'm thinking I'll title it "Contemplating Flight".  It's a little different style and colors than what I usually paint in, but as soon as I saw those little seeds, I knew how I wanted the painting to look.  The background of the painting is done with my cold press coffee, nice and concentrated, I love the look of it.  I'll probably be using more of it in the future.  Yesterday I went to a yard sale and found some plastic doilies and used that to stamp the pink image in the back.  A little cheesecloth, tea bags and  scrapbook paper for the dress and she was done!

contemplating flight flickr


Eydie said...

Both your girls warmed my heart. Amelia is precious.
I loved what you did with the wings.

Thanks for stopping over and visiting my blog. i
your kind words. I look forward to connecting again soon.

Laura said...

So adorable! and I love that you used an actual seed helicopter! (that's what I've always called them!)

Thanks for coming over to my blog! Can't wait to learn more about each other during the course.

Amy Hillenbrand said...

This is so precious, really really like it. You style is so wonderful.

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