Monday, August 22, 2011

Turning 40


Yesterday was my 40th birthday.  This was something that I've been dreading for years.  40!  I just can't believe it.  Where did time go?  I don't feel 40.   Forty just seems like such a big number.  I remember turning 30 and feeling really sad.  To be honest, yesterday I didn't really feel sad like I thought I was going to.  Recently I started to accept the fact that, yes, I will be 40.   What's the point in fighting it, it's going to come anyway.    

The kids and I spent the last week at my parents house  while my husband was out of town for work.  My dad gave me back the coffee cup that I gave to him when he turned 40.  I was 14 when I gave it to him and we gave him such a hard time for being "old".  It was so strange to hold that cup, the cup that I've seen in my parents cupboard for years, and to now be  that person that my parents were,  in what seems so long ago. 

Yesterday came and went and today I feel just like I did on Friday when I was still 39.  I really feel ok about it all.  I'm such a better person than when I turned 30.  My 30's to me felt like when I really started to find myself.  So many things happened in my 30's.  I became a wife and a mother.  I realized how important family was and moved back to Wisconsin from Idaho.    It was through becoming a mother that helped me realize that one of my true loves in life is art.   

It still feels a little weird to read the saying on that coffee cup and know that it now applies to me, but I've decided to embrace it and know that "Life Begins at Forty"!

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Janet Ghio said...

I love it that your dad still had the cup and passed it on to you! Your forties are some of the best years of your life!! Enjoy!! and Happy Birthday!

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