Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's been awhile!

Oh boy, it has been awhile since I've written in this little place of mine.  We left on a family vacation on September 29th and returned late this past Saturday night.  I really wanted to post that I would be gone, but I didn't feel comfortable announcing on the internet that we were leaving on vacation.   You just never know these days what could happen!   Anyway, I probably should of just said I would be gone from this space for awhile.


Before we left on our vacation, fall was close to being in full swing around here.   The trees, bushes and grasses were starting to turn  to crimson, yellows and oranges.   We were gone for just over 2 weeks, but it almost feels like we missed a whole season.  Our maple trees are close to being bare and the black walnut trees have not a leaf left on them.  The sun shines differently in our house, not that bright strong sun of summer, but of a weaker, long shadowy kind of light.  Amazingly we haven't had a hard frost yet and my garden is still producing tomatoes and raspberries.  We had a wonderful vacation, but of course it feels great to be back at home. 


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Janet Ghio said...

Darling photos! Wondered why you hadn't posted in awhile!

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