Friday, October 21, 2011


I've been struggling this week trying to get back into the rhythm  of things after our 2 week vacation.  I'm really trying hard not to feel overwhelmed by everything.  The week started with Fischer missing his first day back at school.  He woke with a tummy ache and then threw up all morning.  I think he was over tired.   Tired is pretty much how we all have felt this week.  Vacations are supposed to be relaxing and revitalizing, not exhausting.  Is this how most families feel after a vacation?

I've barely picked up a pencil this week, let alone a paintbrush.  Since I haven't any artwork to share, I thought I'd share some pictures from the beautiful Badlands.  What an amazing place.    I can't even imagine how the  settlers felt as they came upon this land after having crossed the flat prairies in horse drawn wagons! 






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