Wednesday, June 23, 2010

homemade pretzels

Picnik collage
in the new Mary Jane's Farm  magazine they had a recipe for homemade soft pretzels, i had to give it a try
and boy were they good!  they were super easy to make and they are soft, moist, chewy and very  filling 
( i probably didn't need to eat a whole one, but i did  and it kind of sat like a rock in my tummy for awhile.)    it was just like the ones i would get at fairs or rollerskating when i was younger.  i think these are a little healthier and  i skipped the cheese sauce that i loved to dip them in, i might try a honey mustard dip with my next one.   there is a second recipe for hard pretzels, i'll have to try that one next since this one was such a success.

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