Thursday, June 3, 2010

is this ok to have for supper?

it's been a pretty bad week for our family this week and with only 2 hours of sleep last night, this was all i could muster up for supper for the kids and i.  ( they did have some soup afterward too.)

it all started earlier in the week when fischer  had a tough  time with his allergies and had one night where his eyes were almost swollen shut from hives all over them.

on monday my nephew swallowed a quarter and ended up in the ER with it stuck in his throat.  they almost had to surgically remove it but luckily they were able to push it down and he is doing fine.

yesterday my mother-n-law had to put her dog to sleep unexpectedly.  her dog was 15 years old and had been steadily declining and then really took a turn for the worse overnight.  it's always hard loosing a pet even if they've had a great long life.

the real kicker for the week came last night when my husband was playing hockey and got hit in the mouth/face with a hockey puck, pretty brutal, so we were in the ER for a good portion of last night.  he's at home now, stable but very miserable.  he lost one tooth so far and there might be more to come,  his upper lip was split wide open, close to an inch up ( it was pretty gnarly to see), and he has multiple broken bones in his face (left cheek/ left eye orbit, left side of nose and his right upper jaw.)  monday he has to go in and have his jaw wired shut for a month and be on a liquid diet!  i'm going to have to research some good juicing recipes and blended meals, poor guy!  it's weird how bad things can happen all grouped together like this in such a short period of time, some sort of strange energy that is around us.  hopefully things will shift around here and some good energy will be flowing again.


Janet Ghio said...

Oh my-what a terrible week you've had!! I hope things take a change for the better. Your dinner looks pretty good to me!!

marzi said...

oh my gosh tammy! what a horrible week for you! hope it turns around into a fantastic weekend.

Kerri said...

what's in the red bowl? is it popcorn?

well, gosh! i hope your week gets better- and yes, it's fine that you had that looks pretty yummy! :)

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