Saturday, June 26, 2010


bud unfurling
i can't believe we're already to the end of week 4 of Kelly Rae Robert's  e-course "Flying Lessons,"  and we only have one week left.  it's been an awesome course,  jam packed with so much information on getting your creative business going.  each post is overflowing with inspiration and tips.

i have definitely felt very overwhelmed from this course.  the start of this course coincided with my husbands hockey injury so that didn't help my stress level.  it's amazing how differently i handle stress/overwhelm at home, compared to how i handled it when i worked at the hospital as a nurse.  at home i get really tired and unmotivated, but at the hospital i would kick it into high gear and handle stress very well, even enjoying it.  i need to figure out how to transfer that mindset to home.

my art is something that is very personal to me and i have a hard time sharing it with others.  what if they don't like it or think that it isn't  good enough, do they think i'm wasting my time, maybe they think i should go back to work as a nurse and stop this daydreaming.   it's so hard not to have these feelings, but  i'm learning how to face my fears instead of ignoring them, to  reach for my dreams and finally listen to what my heart has been saying for the last 20 years,  i love art and i am an artist!  i'm tired of this internal battle of my fears against my dreams.   the last few days i've finally started to come out of my hazy overwhelm from the class and i'm feeling excited about all the possibilities that are out there, it's time to follow my hearts calling.  

over the last few weeks i've been thinking a lot about my fears, but realized that worse than any of my fears would be to go through life knowing that i never tried to do anything with my art.  (i already have quite a pile of art work stacked up in my attic, imagine a lifetime's worth just sitting up there collecting cobwebs, that's kind of a sad thought)

i don't have huge lofty goals for my art,  but here they are:
  • be able to be an artist and not go back to work as a nurse.  
  • open an etsy store
  • make some money to help pay for health insurance,(we have a $5000 deductible, ouch!), dental/vision
  • do some craft fairs
  • have a few gallery shows
  • get published in a few magazines
  • find my voice both online and offline
  • create, create, create
  • to have a local creative connective with other artists 
i feel it's time to push through my fears, dream big and take some action!  i'm excited to see what happens!

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Janet Ghio said...

You can do all of these--one step at a time.

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