Tuesday, August 31, 2010

coming up for air


i'm finally able to get a little breather from canning.  the top picture is my kitchen counter which is loaded with vegetable beef soup and peaches that i've canned this past week.  i like to admire all my hard work on the counter for a few days before they go down to the basement.   today i didn't have anything to can so i was able to find a little time and energy to paint.  my canning list is getting shorter, yeah!  this week is salsa, which seems like a pretty small task compared to the soup and peaches.  all of this canning can be a little overwhelming at times, but it is definitely worth it in the middle of the winter to see my family eating all of this wonderful food.   hopefully i'll finish this painting tomorrow and be able to post it. 


Rita A. said...

How lucky your family is.

Mint Tea said...

hi Tammy! Thanks for dropping by my blog :D I browse through your blog and I cannot stop! your artwork is amazing, I love all the paintings, and my favorite is the one with a teacup "Time for tea"!

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