Wednesday, August 4, 2010


is it really August already?  i just can't believe it.  when August rolls around i always start to feel a little sad because i know summer is on the down swing.  my birthday is in August, and as a kid i was always excited for my birthday to come around, but that also meant summer was coming to an end and school would start.
i'm definitely not excited for my birthday these days, but  i've decided i need to stop looking at August as if the "glass is half  empty" and just cherish and be happy for all of it.
i drew this little illustration while sitting outside watching the kids play in their little swimming pool and play with the water hose.  it was just so enjoyable to take in all that was around me, the birds chirping, the cicadas buzzing,  my garden bursting with vegetables, and even the heat of the afternoon, while sipping my tea, watching kids be kids and  enjoying a little drawing time.


Phoenix Peacock said...

what a sweet and adorable drawing! How clever to use the hose as a word!

lori (aka: marzi) said...

cute, cute, cute!!

Janet Ghio said...

I remember those days of watching the kids in the little pool. somehow, even tho it was hot, it didn't feel nearly so hot as it does today.

imateacup said...

I love this. Love love love this.

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