Friday, August 20, 2010

no intentions

whimsy garden

i'm really happy with the results of this painting.  last week i started it and had a plan in mind.  as plans sometimes go, it backfired.  it began with a bunch of scrapbook paper for the background which i had liked, but as soon as i started to paint over it, i knew it wasn't working.  i kept trying different things, different colors, there was even a girl painted on it at one point, but i didn't like it, so it went into a corner.   the other night while talking on the phone, i grabbed it and just started painting over it.  no intentions, no ideas,  just something to do while talking.  i mindlessly grabbed different colors.  when i got off the phone, i looked at it and really liked what was starting to happen. 

i had random things lying on my counter which i knew i wanted to use in a painting at sometime, so i thought, now is the time.  last week during our hot spell, i was craving an iced coffee.  after making my coffee,  i looked at the filter and thought that it would be a great place to do a drawing on.  the coffee filter became the main flowers in this piece.

the other day fischer and i were playing with his Spyroart kit.  i remember having one as a kid, where you can draw all sorts of circles and shapes with little gear like pieces.   i ended up using some of the circles for the petals and the center of the flowers. 

after i had my main flowers down, it all came together so easy.  i would paint a little and step away, maybe go outside for awhile, come back and glue a few circles or paint a few dots, step away again and kept repeating this.  after i drew the birds in, i knew i was done.

this painting was a fun piece to do because it all came together so effortlessly and i liked the results.   i wish this could happen more often.  maybe i need to try painting more while i'm on the phone, imagine all the people i'd be able to catch up with!

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evat said...

Hi ,tammy , I think ,you are painting in special way , you have clear simple colors , it is nice.

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