Monday, March 28, 2011

Back in January

I thought I'd share just a few paintings that I did back in January, they are definitely not my favorite.   I wasn't feeling very inspired at the time.  I don't mind the butterfly painting, but the jellyfish one was rather disappointing.  I had an idea in my head and it didn't turn out anywhere near what I imagined.   Isn't that frustrating when that happens?  It almost feels like a waste of my time, but I know that's part of the whole process of growing and learning as an artist, but it's still disappointing to spend a lot of time on something and not like it in the end.  It's crazy how I find one week where I'm over flowing with ideas and inspiration and then the next week I can barely find the motivation/inspiration to get anything started. I think I need to keep track of when my inspiration flows, is it hormonal? is it the moon? is it stress?   lack of Vitamin D ! because I find at the same time I'm when I'm having a hard time coming up with new ideas to paint, I'm also really unmotivated to cook and nothing sounds good to eat.   Hmmm...
The little squirrel I did  on a day where I was totally uninspired but I still felt like painting,  talk about frustrating!  That day I saw a squirrel sitting on the fence and walla, there  was my idea!   A very simple painting that satisfied my urge to paint that day.

in the garden


little squirrel


Diane said...

Okay, you may not like the jellyfish, but...I LOVE it!! Just like everyone's art varies, so does our taste in it. But I know what you mean-it seems the ones that you struggle with and take you longer to work on end up being disappointing--I think because we're forcing it to happen--I hate that too!! But practicing is good..right?? :)

lori (aka: marzi) said...

are you kidding? i think the jellyfish is the most intriguing one of them all! just because it's not like what you envisioned doesn't mean it's not a beautiful piece of art! i know what you mean when you envision something and it's not what you pictured at all, but just remember, that doesn't make it "wrong" or "bad"!
great work as always!

Janet Ghio said...

I like the jelly fish too and the others as well. Sometimes setting them aside for awhile makes a difference, but I guess it didn't for you since you painted these in January. Sometimes I just paint over the whole canvas and start over. I think we all have "on and off" spells- sometimes I am full of ideas and energy and can't wait to get to my studio; other days I walk in there and look around and feel lost. I think we just need rest and rejuvenation periods in between creative outbursts!

Anonymous said...

I love the jellyfish too. The painting is full of an extravagant joy and love of life. Sometimes by pressing through an uninspired time you release a different type of energy. It certainly speaks to me. Nan

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