Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring is on the horizon

Color on the horizon

I went to post this picture last night and realized I hadn't painted legs on the poor little birdie!  I thought about still posting it and seeing if anyone would notice, but it just bothered me too much not to have legs.  I love seeing pussy willows in the spring, it reminds me of driving with my grandparents and looking for them along the roadside.  I haven't seen any around here yet except for at the store which I believe are forced into early opening.  We saw our first robin last week and the calendar reads spring, but the thermometer says otherwise and the ground is covered with freshly fallen snow.  Amelia woke up yesterday and asked "Mama, why did it snow?"  What a good  question, I was wondering the same thing!  We are all ready for spring, even our 3 year old who is just learning the changes of seasons. Luckily though, the  sun is shining today and there are signs of melting, we know the snow won't last for long.  This little painting reminds me that spring is on the horizon!

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