Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A happy little stumble

Before moving back to Wisconsin from Idaho, a good friend of  mine gave me a framed and matted print.  She told me she couldn't remember the name of the artist.  The print was beautiful and it was such a thoughtful gift that it didn't really matter to me who the artist was.  I look at the print everyday because it hangs in the kids play room.
Last week I went to the town of Westby which is just 7 miles north of us and went into a little store there called Dregne's Scandinavian Gifts.  This region of Wisconsin has a very strong Scandinavian heritage and is very proud of it.  While browsing around and looking at books, I saw to my surprise on the cover of one of the books, the print which is hanging in my house, with the artists name, Carl Larsson,  the print is called "The Kitchen."  They were books and books of just his paintings.  They had calendars, coloring books, kids books and other gifts with his art work on it. Wow, I had no idea!

Carl Larsson 'The Kitchen'

Carl Larsson I found out was a Swedish painter and an interior designer who lived from 1853-1912.  Many of his paintings are of his wife and children as his models and in their home.  I guess their house is one of the most famous  artists homes in the world because of all the paintings of it.  I had never heard of Carl Larsson, but I just thought it was so perfect that I have a large wonderful Scandinavian print hanging accidently in our home.  Our last name is Olson, so we definitely have Scandinavian heritage!

Here are just a few of his paintings.  I just love the simple beauty of his paintings and the peacefulness that I feel when  I look at his paintings and the way everyday moments are captured so well. It makes me wish for simpler times, but definitely not the clothes to go with!

File:Våren (1907) av Carl Larsson.jpg

Carl Larson

Carl Larson

Carl Larsson 'Getting Ready For A Game'

The house has stayed in the family and looks the same today!  It looks like a happy little place to live.

 larsson real dining room via loobylu Carl Larsson’s Inspirational Interiors

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