Monday, February 6, 2012

Speaking of Love

I was paging through one of my old sketchbooks and came across a quick little sketch/idea that I had last year at this time.  I don't even remember drawing it or what inspired it, but it caught my eye and I immediately went to work on it.  What a  perfect little collage with Valentine's Day right around the corner! 

speaking of love
                            Title:   "Speaking of Love"         Print available in my shop!

I'll be away from this little space of mine for the next week.   Amelia and I arrived at my parents house this evening.  My mom has an appointment tomorrow where they will be discussing all of the medications she will be on for her cancer and the side effects of it all.  She will start her first chemo treatment on Thursday, where she will be getting it through her IV and through her abdomen all on the first day, after that they will stagger it, but the schedule for the first week and a half is pretty grueling.  Chemo, shots, IV fluids, more shots and then more chemo.   It's all rather frightening.    Amelia and I are here to provide lots of love and support for my Mom and Dad during these stressful days. 

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