Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I  just love these cheery cherry blossoms with their little polka dot friends.  It makes me so happy when I look at it.  It took me close to 3 hours to cut out all the little flower petals from my painted tea bags, but the results are worth it.  I just love working with tea bags!

cherry blossoms

These little birdies match perfectly with my lime green walls in my studio.  These little guys look like they are in the middle of a conversation, or are sharing a little secret with each other. 


So even though I've been busy painting away at all things spring and totally enjoying it,  Amelia and I have still been able to have some fun in our recent snowfall.  Yesterday she kept hugging the little snowman that we built.  I even overheard her saying "I love you little snowman" and then she gave him a kiss.  It was the sweetest thing! 


Unfortunately as the day progressed and the temperatures warmed up his poor little head fell off and she cried and cried for her little snowman.   It was pretty sad, but luckily her sadness didn't last for too long and we have this picture to remember him with.

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Dolly B said...

I came to your blog via BraveGirls and Just had to comment on this photo, it's just beautiful and Love how the snowman looks like he is smiling and they actually do look like they have a connection, weird I know. Such a sweet photo and such a sweet story

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