Thursday, February 28, 2013

Trout, trout, trout

My husband has been after me to do some fish paintings.  He says people like fish, you should paint some fish.   I keep telling him that fish don't really inspire me.   I did do one about 3 years ago, here.  It's one of my son's favorite paintings.  My husband wanted me to try and sell it, but Fischer wanted to keep it, so it is hanging up in his room.  Recently we were watching Market Warriors on PBS.  Have you ever watched it?  It's kind of fun.  They have antique pickers who go to flea markets and antique shows looking for treasures, and then these items are sold at an auction to see if they can turn a profit.  Last week when we were watching a vintage fish painting made a surprising profit and of course my husband piped in "see honey, people like fish".

So here is my fish painting, (I actually had this brewing in my head prior to the show, I think the show pushed me to move forward with it.)


I actually like how this turned out.  I'm not sure if it inspires me to paint more fish, we will see.  I'm thinking maybe some sort of tropical fish with coral would be next if I decided to do another one. 

I can't help but sing the little song from the Bugs Bunny square dance episode, "Hillbilly Hare" in which Bugs sings: 

Now into the brook and fish for the trout, 
Dive right in and splash about.  
Trout, trout, pretty little trout, 
One more splash and come right out.

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